When they want to move out…

by Julie Dixon

‘I think its about time I moved out’ said my daughter Chloe one evening in the middle of Emmerdale.

‘Ok’ I replied, are you packing now?

And so began our ongoing process of Chloe becoming a more independent young woman, and  also the process of me learning how to let go of my not so little girl.

Chloe is 20, a very opinionated young woman with some strong idea’s about what she wants from life (just like her mother, I will hear many saying who know me).

When her social worker visited next, after all the normal paperwork (direct payments – and thats another blog, when I have 3 days to spare); anything else said Caroline, I waited with baited breath. ‘I have decided that I would like to move out and share a house, not on my own but with some other young people’, said Chloe looking very proud of herself.  Caroline asked a few questions, I smiled, but acutally my heart was thumping like a jack hammer – I wanted to shout but she’s not ready – when actually I know that its me who is not ready, its me who (at this time) will not cope.

Apparently its going to take a year to eighteen months before anything happens, I have time to re-adjust to decide how I am going to support this wonderful young woman in her knew found freedom; and decide how I am going to support myself when we eventually go though this transition.  I am sure its gong to be difficult for us both, with lots of downs but, hopefully mostly ups and I will tell more when I know more, we are moving on…….


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