What learning disability caring means to Mikey Mills

This is I guess a care triangle, before I remarried.  My daughter whom at the time was aged only 5 decided that it was me her father with whom she wanted to live. Loving and caring for my Children, the hardest part of agreeing to have her live with me on a full time basis was the fact I suffer from a rare form of Migraine that can leave me incapacitated for several hours, but she was wonderful, always there keeping an eye on things, one time though she called 999, I had totally gone, I was non responsive to anything…..she had thought I had died. Broke my heart…..she is now 15 and does a lot of work with St John’s ambulance.

Soon after my son came to live with us as well, shall not bore you with all the in’s and out’s, but he has several things wrong with him (that’s sounds awful to say) things like reading, writing, math’s all the general subjects at school he suffers with, as well as outside he finds socialising just as difficult as his academic life. At time’s I feel like I am, sorry, we are banging our heads against a wall then he has a really good day when everything he has done clicks into place and you can’t help but grin like a Cheshire cat that’s just got the cream, 24 hours later he can’t even remember a simple spelling or what he even had for breakfast, then it’s that brick wall time again, some days my head hurts that much I wish I had purchased a Sledge hammer for that wall that keeps popping up.

Whereas my eldest does everything by herself, my boy on the other hand needs a lot more attention in all aspects of daily life. At time we are hard with him, but he can’t see why  we are this way, I lay awake most nights, glance at the clock, and wonder what the future holds for him….for us.

I was once asked what it was like to care for a child with disabilities.

” a few sacrifices are needed, lots of sleepless nights with worry, proud moments when he achieves mile stone moments, tears and laughter all round……..what’s it like to care for a normal kid” was my reply.

Would I change my Son, hell no, if I could change just one thing it would be the attitude that people have towards me and MY BOY!


Mikey Mills

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