What caring means for Caroline Urquhart-Sell

For Carers Week we have invited Carers to write a blog about what caring means for them

This should be simple RIGHT?? I do it 24/7 for my son! So why is it when putting it on paper it becomes so hard…

Now I know a carer is like being on auto pilot you just do it!

Caring for my son who is 8 years old and my inspiration is tough and easy all at the same time. He makes it easy and the professionals often make it hard. I work on lists medication, appointments, reviews, activities but first on the top of my list is LOVING LIFE!

I am my son’s fighter; tear wiper, supporter, teacher, organizer, receptionist, taxi driver but most of all we are best friends.

I’ve done the what if? was it me? why did this happen? My son is who he is and we are so proud of what he does so now is my chance as his carer to get everything he needs to lead as independent life as possible.

I do get very tired never switching off and I also have times when I get angry and want to stamp my feet like a child but then I have my husband who makes me see sense. I never ask for anything in return and I never will to be able to care for my son is a privilege something that people miss out on. Yes we have lost people who couldn’t cope or didn’t want to but as a family of 5 we are ever stronger. I will guide my son always even from a far holding his hand. Care to me means nothing more than being there for my son because I love and cherish him. I’m the proudest Mum going each day of my 3 children.

Having worked in the care sector all of my life until my son was 4 years old when he had his first seizure I thought I would understand and transition into being a fulltime carer easily after all I did it at work for 15years. Living it 24/7 has changed me forever I’m very protective calmer and a more confident person. I spend a lot of my time trying to fight a system that at times supports my son amazingly but other times fails him like it does others. I fight for my son to be accepted in life every day I still ask what will his future hold where will he be in 10 years? will I care for him forever can he overcome his struggles in life but for now I know we take it a day at a time we never know what it will bring. One thing we both know is I will be here for him tomorrow and he will be here for me too!

Written by a Mother who amazing courageous son fights epilepsy DCD (developmental co-ordination Disorder) also suspected ASD and anxiety disorders

Caroline Urquhart-Sell

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