The #LBBill and why it is needed

Read Finola’s blog about her daughter and then join us in our fight to place power in the hands of families instead of it being totally with the state. The horrendous struggles and inequalities faced by this family are heart-breaking.

17 yr old Issy’s days with her family are numbered, and if the ‘powers that be’ have their way, Issy will be removed from her family home and forced into independent living. Of course we all know that independent living really means independent ‘of family’ living, because many of us have a son or daughter with complex physical/psychological issues who in independent living would still require 24 hour care, a far cry from independence as we know it.

What is sadder still is that this is only one of very many instances of injustice… this is why the #LBBill is so important and why we need as many people supporting the bill as possible.


This is the easy read version of what the #LBBill is about.

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