The Battle of the Bonnet!

Thank goodness it is over…for another year anyway!

It all started when the annual parent-envy fest came round again!  Yes, you guessed right…just whose child (parent!) will win the Easter Bonnet Parade this year?

I don’t know about you, but at the school DD attends it is an event best avoided if at all possible!

Not only are you constantly hustled, pushed, rammed even by parents determined to be in the exact spot you are in,  you are also subject to hearing the comments designed to crush their opponents hopes….

’Oh, how lovely Lucy’s bonnet is…what a pity they are looking for something original this year’

‘Tyler’s hat is very erm vintage looking…so last season’

‘Well, do you really think a hat decorated with Angry Birds is suitable for an EASTER bonnet?’

And so on, you get the drift!

Of course the best (or worst?) thing is that you just KNOW that those contrived concoctions have in no way been created by little Johnny of Class 2b.

Cue the school gate battles…..some mums feel strongly that all the bonnets ought to be created by the children alone, yet others shout that there little one needs help because

a) they are not experienced in the art

b) they are creatively challenged

c) all the other mums do it!

Personally we tend to go with whatever DD wants to do…and this year well It was a promising start as DD was excited about decorating her bonnet…but oh how short-lived!

Frustration set in after the first 10 minutes…her cut out shapes were ‘wrong’!  She wanted to make tissue-paper flowers…. ’that’s OK; if you are not happy we will start again.

So we did, and again and again!  This was just not working.  We suggested alternatives; they were rejected.  DD knew what she wanted to do but the execution of the self-set task was beyond her capabilities, even though help, support and encouragement were on hand.  DD was asserting her independence and at the same time clearly becoming more and more agitated and distressed.

A huge sigh of relief escapes us as DD decides she no longer wants to decorate her bonnet as, at this point we are thinking of joining in with the screams!!!!!   We leave it for another day.

All too soon it IS another day so out comes the bonnet and its possible accoutrements…will we get as far as actually decorating it today?   It is to be hoped so for it is the eve of the big event….

Wow, success!!  DD has decorated the crown of her bonnet, she decided to make a ‘nest’ and fill it accordingly…this was not without any hiccups but hey we made progress!

DD then decided she had had enough and asked her Nan if she would finish it for her.  Nan was thrilled to be asked for her help (I think she secretly coveted the idea of winning herself!)

The morning of the parade, everyone up bright and early……having finished breakfast, and if you read my first blog you will know all about that, DD went into the front room and immediately we heard  THE LOUDEST SCREAMS EVER!

We went dashing in after her, thinking she had seriously hurt herself (there will be another post on the ‘Tigger Effect’ – coming soon!) only to find her in the middle of one of her worst meltdowns yet…DD had her bonnet in her hand….and that was ALL…she had ripped off all the decorations and thrown them all round the room… the floor was littered with a multi-coloured mass of torn tissue flowers, ripped up nest, eggs and chicks…..and why?

WHY? Because she did not LIKE the nest in the crown of her hat…the nest that she had made herself….that she had wanted to do only the night before!

DD was so distressed by this it was quite heart-breaking to listen to…..and it took a good while for her to gather herself and be ready to talk to us.  Finally, she decided she wanted to use her bonnet from the previous year (you see it does happen!) so after fighting through the detritus of her dressing –up chest we found it, battered and bruised from long neglect, and having lost most of its previous adornments, never the less DD was happy with this so finally we were set….off to school we could go… but did we really have to stay and watch the lambs being led!

Apart from the fact that DD actually decided she wanted to take both bonnets (she has long had a ‘thing’ for having two of everything) as we  set off for  the annual parent –envy fest  we at least knew we would be safe from parent –envy as although probably breaking the rules by having two bonnets they were both in such a state of disrepair that the teacher may well accidently bin them before DD has had a chance to parade them!

Does anyone else have to manage this type of behaviour?  Do please let me know that I am not alone!    All comments will be very much appreciated.  🙂


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