Respite is the provision of short-term care that enables carers to have a break

If you care for someone on a daily basis and would like to access respite care, either as a one-off, occasionally or on a regular basis you will need to check if you are eligible. You can do this by contacting your local authority’s brokerage team.

Respite care is mostly provided by your LA’s if an assessment identifies the need. In some areas access to respite care is provided through a community care assessment for the person you’re looking after. The best way forward is to make sure that both you and the person you care for have an assessment of need.

For carers in Derbyshire the contact details for Brokerage are: 01629 537763 or 01629 537758

If you are eligible and would like further information in finding providers and other resources, the Derbyshire County Council Brokerage Team will be able to help. If you have had a social care assessment, your social worker can refer to brokerage on your behalf, or you can contact them directly yourself.

You do not need to have had a social care assessment to be able to contact Brokerage.

Derbyshire County Council has a number of contracts with the voluntary sector to provide sitting services. Whether you can access their services will depend on the type of sitting required i.e. whether the cared-for person will require personal care and where the carer lives. The following are the organisations you can contact to enquire if you can access their services:

British Red Cross Society 01629 56253
Crossroads 01159 628920 or 01246 557541
Buxton Volunteer Centre 01298 23970

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