Reps on Board – new articles

Reps on Board has added lots of new articles and photos onto their website recently – so please take a look at the ‘Our Stories’ section on

They have:

– Articles from Janette and Helen about what it is like to be a Champion working on the project on Keeping Safe.

– Articles and photos about the launch of the new Library Leaflet for people with a learning disability.  Reps worked together with the library      staff to make this leaflet easy read and had a big launch on March 21st at Chesterfield library.

– An article about their big event, Danger Ranger Day,  for young people with a learning disability.

In their Photo Albums section there are lots of photos from the Danger Ranger Day too.  There’s smoke filled rooms, people trying on uniforms and Welliphant teaching people to ‘drop and roll’ if they catch fire.

Do take a look, we are sure you will find it of interest!


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