Reps on Board leaflet

On March 21st, Reps on Board and Derbyshire Library Services launched their brand new easy read leaflet for people with a learning disability. Councillor George Wharmby and Kirstie Matkin launched the leaflet alongside our reps.

The Reps used this project as part of their learning and development and worked in partnership with Library staff to produce a leaflet highlighting all the services Derbyshire libraries can provide for people with a learning disability -and there’s much more than we thought.

It was a great opportunity to work in partnership to produce this easy read leaflet and to discover that you don’t have to be able to read to enjoy a book. There are audio books and books without words available. Macintyre plans to use the Books beyond words series and set up book circles with some of our Chesterfield learners.   Eleven people signed up to complete the 6 book challenge on the day and several joined for the first time.  (Library brochure final version)

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