Everyone has the right to vote.  Everybody’s vote counts.  Many people with learning disabilities do not vote because no one has supported them to learn about voting and elections and the need to register to vote.  However there is information available in Easy Read and video format developed by various organisations to enable people to support learning about elections and voting.  We have selected a range of resources to help you support the person you care for to learn about voting an elections.

You need to register before you can vote in UK elections. The different ways you can register to vote are listed below.

United Response has produced a set of free easy read resources to help people with learning disabilities find out more about what politics is, how it affects them and how they can get involved.


United response have also developed an ‘Every Vote Counts’ website that has further easy read information and resources around elections and voting. https://www.everyvotecounts.org.uk/

Brandon Trust have developed a video guide: https://www.brandontrust.org/news/2016/may/voting-in-the-eu-referendum/

Dimensions have published a blog on some key issues regarding the election for people with learning and other disabilities mainly focusing on BREXIT.

The deadline to register to vote for the UK general election on Thursday 8 June is Monday 22 May.

Registering to vote in England, Scotland and Wales

Register online

Visit the UK Government website to fill in a simple online form:

GOV.UK: Register online

GOV.UK Register online Welsh language version (Cymraeg)

You will need your National Insurance Number (if you have one).

Register by post

Print off a form and send it to your local Electoral Registration Office:

GOV.UK: Voter registration forms (paper versions)

Alternatively you can contact your local Electoral Registration Office and ask them to post a form to you:

GOV.UK: Contact your local Electoral Registration Office

Registering in Northern Ireland

Print off and complete an Electoral Registration Form and return it to your Area Electoral Office.

The Electoral Office of Northern Ireland: Register to vote/change address/change name





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