PENPALS for LD – Friend or Foe?

If you care for someone with a learning disability you, and they, may find that their social life and experiences are somewhat limited.  While there is no ‘one answer fits all’ it may be worth thinking about expanding their social groups by the use of a Penpal organisation.

Whoa, I hear you cry, what about safe-guarding, personal safety etc….!

Well, the good news is that there are organisations out there solely for people with learning disabilities, with all the necessary safe-guards in place.  If the person you care for is interested in having a Penpal, read on!

Special Friends is a website which was created for people with learning disabilities to be able to make friends and chat etc. It is a safe site that also has a separate section for parents and carers to be able to chat and find support.   –

Multi Me is a multimedia based, accessible and secure social network that is based on the idea of users telling and sharing their Stories and getting involved in each other’s Project plans online.     Here is a link to their easy read brochure and website

The National Autistic Society magazine “Asperger United” has a section for penfriends in the publication.

If you know of any others please let us know!

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