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This page exists to inform, support and empower family carers of people with learning disabilities to get a better life for themselves and the person they support in the East Midlands by:

1. Funding three workshops for families on topics that they have identified as important to them.

2. Providing information about some national, regional initiatives and projects in the East Midlands to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities that families might find interesting or useful.

All Workshop’s have now taken place.



This workshop helped older family carers think and talk about the future, particularly when their son or daughter still lives at home with them and they are feeling worried about what the future might bring. Families were introduced to the Thinking Ahead approach to planning which takes things step by step and focuses on what would work well for someone with a learning disability and their family.

Two planning guides were looked at:

• Thinking Ahead: a planning guide for families
• I’m Thinking Ahead (a guide in easy read to help people with learning disabilities be included in the planning).

The Thinking Ahead guide for families has information about housing and support, making a plan for emergencies, planning in a person centred way and lots more. 

Feedback from the Day

“Very useful with lots of great information, thank you”

“Don’t feel so isolated now everyone has shared similar hopes and fears for the future, and we will meet again, thanks.”

“I found the day enlightening! I learnt and was able to share so much with like-minded carers / parents. I’m sure I will find the literature and links useful in the future. “

“Can never have too much knowledge. Very informative and good to share information with others.”

“So important to come together and share information and knowledge about how to find solutions to the things that worry and concern us. “

“Very informative day. Learnt lots of new things that will help me in the future.”

“An ideal workshop to allow parents / carers to step outside of their daily lives and rethink strategies for productive future planning.”

“Interesting information on how to best plan for my daughters future and collect information for the future. “

“Brilliant well run course. Learnt loads.”

“Great to meet others. Lots of valuable information.”

“Very informative. Useful information.”



Families keeping connected

Information of Interest

1. Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDer)

Why are some people with a learning disability dying before they should?

Our relatives with learning disabilities tend to have poorer health and die younger than the rest of the population.  This is often due to the ways their healthcare and support are given, rather than because of any underlying condition to do with their learning disability.  How can we change this situation?

Robin Mallet a family member on the Learning Disability Mortality Review (LeDer) National Steering Group describes one way forward.


2. A ‘Carers Journey’ Through the Care Act (2014)

The ‘Carers Journey’ Through the Care Act was developed over a 12 month period from April 2015 by the National Team for Inclusion (ndti). The ndti worked with carers, carers’ organisations, Local Authorities and others, to chart the experience of carers as the new Care Act (2014) went live. For the first time in legislation carers were put on an equal footing with the person they cared for and supported.


Funding has now been obtained by the ndti to develop a Carers Journey Quality Framework so that those who are responsible for commissioning and delivering Care Act responsibilities locally can assess how well they are doing. Carers should also find this a useful tool to help evaluate local support. 

challenging behaviour foundation

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is delighted to have received funding from Skills for Care to deliver FREE Positive Behaviour Support workshops to personal assistants and the family carers who employ them.

The funding covers the cost of the workshops, including the cost of the venue and any family travelling costs within a budget. We are able to provide two experienced PBS trainers, an online booking system and handouts and materials for families. Positive feedback about our workshops tells us that they really benefit families and professionals. Formal evaluations have confirmed improvements in behaviour as well as in workshop attendees’ confidence and ability to respond to challenging behaviour.

If you are interested in supporting your local families by hosting a set of 2 workshops then please click here for further information or email workshops@thecbf.org.uk