NHS Self Assesment Framework (SAF)

We are posting the following  on behalf of Jackie Fleeman, Lead Strategic Health Facilitator for Adults with Learning Disabilities 

Every year the Learning Disability Good Health Group and Learning Disability Partnership Boards collect information about health services and how well  they have responded to the needs of people with LD. This is  for something called the NHS  Self Assessment Framework (SAF). The results are published on the Improving Health and Lives website and we can then see how well Derbyshire/ Derby City is doing compared to other areas.


The information that we get helps us to know which services and topics need extra help. For instance last year you told us that mums who have learning disabilities do not always get the help they need and so we are working with maternity services and health visitors. We were told us about problems with some of the District Nurses and Diabetic Retinopathy so we are working with those services, etc.

This years report will be about Health & Social care rather than just the NHS.

To find out about the NHS my Team  often collect the information using the attached. We often visit groups and meetings and ask people about the NHS. We want to know about people’s stories and experiences just over this last year. The form helps people to think about the details but the information you give  doesn’t have to be on the form. If you would like us to visit your group or service please let me know, otherwise could you please let us have information about experiences of the NHS for people with learning disabilities in Derbyshire & Derby City.

Though we are interested in stories about any part of the NHS this year we are particularly interested in:

  • The Out of Hours services, the Royal Hospitals, local Hospitals and Community Health services had ‘My Next Patient launches’- are they using reasonable adjustments/ the communication book/ did they ask about the patients needs before the appointment?
  • There are changes in Community Dental Services- what is the experience of patients? Have people changed their Dentist or stopped going- will they?
  • Are opticians giving the right tests such as Kay picture test (using different sizes, picture matching) or Cardiff cards (the practitioner watches for eye movement as lines get fainter)? What is the experience of people at the opticians? Are people using the ‘look up’ forms to take to the Optician and get information  back?
  • How is Mental Capacity Act  been implemented? Are people given good  information to help them make decisions. Have there been any good experiences of best Interest decisions being made? Has any carers been asked to give consent for treatment on behalf of the person that they care for? Has anyone been refused treatment because they can’t ‘consent’?
  • Experience of Offender health.
  • We had loads about hospitals last year so we are narrowing it down to A/E experience
  • We would also like to know if you have given your name to a Hospital as someone with a learning disability (flagging-We will ask the Hospitals about what they have done with the names/ flags).

To assist Jackie, please email Jackie.Fleeman@derbyshcft.nhs.uk  or call  01332 268455 extension: 30966



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