Jo Grace – International sensory engagement and inclusion specialist

Joanna is an international sensory engagement and inclusion specialist, trainer, author and founder of The Sensory Projects.

Consistently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted Joanna taught in mainstream and special school settings, connecting with pupils of all ages and abilities before setting up The Sensory Projects.

Joanna’s work is heavily informed by research as well as by insight gleaned her own private and professional experience. Joanna’s book Sensory Stories for children and teens sells globally and she has a further six books due for publication within the next two years, including four children’s books. Sensory-being for Sensory Beings is the next practitioner book due for publication by Routledge on the 6th of September.

Joanna is a big fan of social media and is always happy to connect with people via FacebookTwitter and Linkedin

Read Joanna’s personal introduction below.


Hello, my name is Jo Grace. I am the founder of The Sensory Projects. The Sensory Projects run on the principle that sensory resources do not need to be expensive, if you have the right knowledge and a little bit of creativity, stuff you find in your kitchen or in a charity shop can become the most marvellous sensory resource.
That sounds like a lovely thing to say, and you’re probably thinking of a gluey-glittery mess (you’re not far wrong). But if I was saying this about your child’s medication: that you didn’t need those expensive tablets from the doctor but could whip something up yourself, it wouldn’t sound so lovely! So I want you to know that it is not said lightly. I am a big geek and spend a lot of time reading the research that surrounds sensory activities and sensory difficulties.

Overwhelmingly what the research finds is that the way sensory experiences are facilitated is the thing that makes the difference.

You can have the most fabulous multi sensory room full of expensive wonderful sensory equipment, but facilitated badly it will have no impact; in some instances it can even be harmful. Equally facilitate a scrap of tinfoil well and it will have the most amazing impact. Through the various projects and training days I run I seek to share information about how to pick and facility fabulous sensory experiences and I hope to inspire people to have a go themselves and be a bit creative.

I’d love to tell you all about them here, but I am under strict instructions to keep to a word count so I’ll simply invite you to come and visit where you can find out more about the projects and access lots of free resources, or come and make friends with me on social media where I share information and ideas all the time.

Check out my social media links above. I look forward to meeting you in the virtual or real world!

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