How do PMLD Students with Visual Impairments use technology?

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How do PMLD Students with Visual Impairments use technology?


I have declared a commercial interest as I work for Tobii who build eyetracking devices. I received an email from a parent this morning which read:

“My daughter is 4 yrs old and has cerebral palsy as well as cortical visual impairment. We saw the eye gaze at an exhibition, and that led me to renting one for her for 2 months as I was interested in how she would respond. Well, we found out that she can see a lot better than anyone had imagined! She totally understood the concept and was able to play the explore games, and was beginning to target some items on request, eg girl on the swing.

It seemed as if the eye gaze computer was engaging her in a new way and was actually improving her vision, and her visual responses. For example, to begin with she was only able to target the left hand side of the screen. After a month she was targeting the right side, and using her right eye. This was without patching or any other intervention.

It strikes me that if this much changed in 2 months, then surely her vision could continue to improve if she used it everyday for a longer time period. I wondered if you were aware of any studies being done in this area, eg using the eye gaze to improve vision in kids with CVI. If so, we would love to be included.”

I am currently looking at how our technology is being used by PMLD students with visual impairments. We want to get this right and to offer you a tool which will allow you to accurately measure eye movements and changes in ability through screen engagement exercises. Eyegaze ,through its growing popularity in schools, is coming down in price. You will see new prices from tomorrow, lower than we have ever seen. I would welcome contact from anyone who would like to be involved in beta testing for me. I would also like to hear from anyone with similar experiences to the mum quoted above.

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