Consult on the NHS launch of direct payments for healthcare.

How do you get on with managing direct payments for care and support services?  Do you find the system easy to us or is it a major headache for you?   I ask this as the government is planning on introducing direct payments as a way of managing your own (and / or those you care for) personal healthcare budgets.   The scheme has been piloted in some areas and the government has now launched a public consultation, asking for our views before it is rolled out nationally.   To take part in the public consultation visit the Department of Health’s online consultation pages  (easy read version also available). The consultation closes on 26th April 2013

The idea of personal health budgets is to give more choice and flexibility to those with long term conditions or disabilities.

Do you agree with this concept or do you think it is yet another step towards the demise of the NHS as we know it?

We would really like to hear your views on this so would appreciate your comments!

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