Your local council (DCC) have set up a series of workshops for young people and adults with learning disabilities, their families and carers

through their Community Lives Programme.

Some of the workshops have already taken place though if you want to learn more about the help and support that  is available please do come along to the future workshops to be held in your area.

The aim of Community Lives is to give people with learning disabilities more choice and control over their lives by increasing educational, leisure and employment opportunities as well as more involvement in the local community.

There has been a lot of thought, time and effort put into presenting the workshshops and we do urge you to attend where possible as they will afford you access  to a range of relevant information.

Between us our LDCC team has attended all the workshops held so far and we have found them to be extremely interesting, interactive and informative.

In the near future there are 3 workshops being held at Fairplay in Chesterfield and these will focus on young people in, or just entering transition,  these are really useful so if you care for someone who is going through transiton we do urge you to attend.

The dates for the workshops at Fairplay, Alexander Road West, Chesterfield are:

Workshop 1 – 2nd May 6pm – 8pm

This will provide an overview of the Community Lives Programme and discussion of self-directed support, direct payments and fair access to services.

Workshop 2 23rd May 6pm – 8pm and

This one is about the opportunities available, i.e. friendships, short breaks, employment, activities

Workshop 3 30th May 6pm – 8pm

Summaries of workshops 1 and 2, explore people’s responses to the changes, discuss managing risk and looking at the future of Community Lives.

The workshops have been arranged to give people with learning disabilities and family carers an opportunity to understand and discuss the Community Lives programme. We want people with learning disabilities, family carers and staff, to help shape the support people receive now and in the future. The 3 topics to be covered at the workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1 – will provide an overview of the Community Lives Programme, and answer questions like:

What is Self-Directed Support?

What is a Direct Payment?

What is Fair Access to Care Services and will my benefits be affected?

Workshop 2 – What opportunities are on offer – i.e. friendships, short breaks, employment, community offers, day time activities, and social activities?

Workshop 3 – we will revisit and summarise Workshop 1 and 2, and explore people’s hopes and fears, managing risk, what will happen next in the Community Lives Programme.

The venues have full accessibility and disabled facilities, however if you have any worries about how to get there  – or if you wish to discuss the workshops further please do not hesitate to contact the Stakeholder Engagement team .  For more information on these workshops please call or email the Stakeholder Engagement Team on:


Cedric Nkiko: 01629 532431,

Sandy Bull:  01629 531307,

Helen Greatorex:  01629 531063,

Team Mobile Number:  07770702184

Workshops in the Chesterfield area are to be held at Fairplay, Alexandra Road West, Chesterfield S40 1NP

We look forward to seeing you and the person you care for at the workshops in the near future.


Sandy Bull

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